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Our toy box is made of cotton and linen. Cotton and linen are “natural fabrics” with low pollution, degradable and renewable properties. In the process of planting, raw materials such as cotton and linen can not only improve local air quality through photosynthesis, but also make a significant contribution to the control of land desertification.

So when we buy a cotton and linen product, we are actually contributing to the environmental protection of this land. We no longer have to worry about whether there is too much pollution in the production process of this material, and no longer have to worry about the difficulty of sorting garbage or causing pollution that cannot be recycled when discarded later. For our common home, please let the cotton and linen toy box be your first choice!

                                                                            Monthly TOY BOX process

Toy Box Club couldn’t be easier to use. Once set up, all you have to do is watch your youngster enjoy their toy boxes each month.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Fill in your details via our website to register.
  2. Choose the toy box you want to have.
  3. Complete the purchase process.
  4. We’ll send you an email for your order and letting you know when your  toy box start shipping.
  5. When you add a subscription, we deduct HKD$888 from your bank account or credit card: HKD$388 for your first toy box and a refundable deposit of HKD500 (given back at the end of your subscription).
  6. We prepare your child’s toy box.
  7. The toy box is delivered to your home by point to point In-house courier.
  8. A delivery letter describing all toys and instructions is attached to the toy box.
  9. Your child enjoys playing with their toys for the month. If your child becomes connected to a certain toy, they can keep it for an extended month or you can buy it for them.
  10. We’ll send you an email confirming the delivery date a week before your child’s next box is due, and again a day before. Going away for the day? Don’t worry, we may adjust the delivery date if necessary.
  11. We bring the new toy box while also collecting the old toy box. Have you forgotten to return a toy or are you missing a part? Not a problem; simply include it in your next shipment or mail it back to us.
  12. The ancient toy box has been completely cleaned and is ready for our next little customer.
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