Policy on Membership


The ‘Members’ listed below are the primary point of contact for registration and order information; Members are not permitted to rent toy boxes on behalf of others. Members are responsible for returning rental toys on schedule. It is the Member’s obligation to understand the terms of this service contract and all accompanying notes.


  1. The knowledge that GlitterKing possesses By joining GlitterKing and submitting GlitterKing with your personal information, you agree to allow GlitterKing to collect, process, and utilize your personal information for the purposes for which the service is given to you. Your personal data will be collected, processed, and utilized in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and other applicable laws and regulations.
  2. By successfully joining as a member, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply by this contract as well as all applicable rules and restrictions while placing an order.
  3. If you are under the age of 18, you must notify your legal representative or guardian before joining GlitterKing, and your legal representation or guardian must examine and agree to all GlitterKing’s rules and legal documents. When you join in your own name as a member, your legal representative or guardian is deemed to have studied and agreed to all of GlitterKing’s rules and legal papers, as well as your membership and all subsequent legal activities with GlitterKing as a member.

Rental Policy for Toy Boxes


  1. GlitterKing has a four-week renting period for Toys Box.
  1. An order is invalid if a member places one that does not correspond to the service provided (distribution to a non-residential or non-service area, use by a non-family as determined by the toy home). If payment is made, GlitterKing will give a refund based on the account number provided, and the member will not be able to seek compensation or damages as a result.
  2. If the transaction is not finished before the payment deadline, the order will be cancelled automatically and GlitterKing will notify the member individually.
  3. If you need to renew or rent a new toy, please submit your order one week before the contract expiration date on the website. Because of the time required for preparation, the time frame for making a new order ranges from 7 to 3 days before the contract’s expiry date.
  1. You do not need to return the toy box to the office if you renew the rental of the same toy box and there is no new rental. The first renewal rental will be removed entirely from the deposit, and the second rental will be paid in full to cover the original deposit amount plus the cost of the new rental.
  2. If the toy box is not returned or vanishes after the customer has picked it up, the entire deposit will not be repaid.
  3. Some of the rental toys are available for kids to take home, and parents may buy rental items on the GlitterKing website at a 10% discount off the unit cost.
  4. The order of order reception will decide the order of delivery. In the event that we are unable to deliver, we will inform the consumer and issue a full refund.
  5. Because the toy and delivery time have been reserved in advance and the member will be responsible for some of the cost if the toy is already on the way, in the event of a cancellation after payment has been made, the member will be charged or have the handling and delivery fee of $80 deducted from the deposit.
  6. The toys are rented out for a four-week term. The member may return the toys early and end the rental arrangement before it begins, but no refund will be given because delivery, cleaning, and labor fees have already been incurred.
  7. Two days before the rental toy’s expiration, a reminder will be sent through email or WhatsApp. The due date will not be impacted by failure to inform owing to a system malfunction. The daily rental will be determined based on the number of days past due at 1/28th of the daily rental for late returns that are less than one week late.
  8. The family may only utilize the rental service for personal purposes; it may not be used for events or for commercial gain. The deposit will not be returned and will instead be considered a purchase if the service is rented on an individual basis for business or event use.
  9. Purchases made in the Shopping Mall are subject to separate payment and may not be deducted from the deposit for the rental of toys.
  10. The scheduled delivery date must be revisited in the case of force majeure after the intended delivery date, such as a natural disaster that causes a holiday.
  11. We cannot accept a specified time slot if you desire to change the delivery date after it has been booked because other members have also set a fixed delivery schedule. Instead, please discuss the adjustment in advance. The order must still be returned on the scheduled return date even if the hire duration is less than 4 weeks as a result of a changed delivery date. No refund will be given if the rental time is less than four weeks as a consequence of a change in the collection date, and if the rental period is prolonged as a result, the daily rental cost for the extra days will be charged. Furthermore, if there is a difference in delivery between weekday and holiday delivery owing to the date change, the difference will be deducted on a deposit basis depending on the real scenario.

Toy safety, hygiene, and loss (Articles 19 to 28)


  1. To minimize unnecessary injuries, please be accompanied by a parent and teach your child the proper method to use the toys. GlitterKing is not responsible for any injuries caused by the usage of our products.
  2. To clean rental toys, use a rag to remove dust, then wipe with alcohol or diluted bleach, never soak, and finally disinfect with UV light or sun-drying. Finally, disinfect with UV light or sun-drying. For more information, a pamphlet will be attached.
  3. If the toy is no longer available for hiring, abnormal soiling and damage caused by improper use will be covered under the GlitterKing Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy.
  4. The deposit will be reimbursed to the chosen account within 7 days of the toy being returned to the factory for cleaning and functional testing. If GlitterKing inspects the toy and discovers it to be dirty or damaged, compensation will be computed in line with the “GlitterKing Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy.”
  1. If a toy loses power after usage, please replace the batteries with carbon and zinc batteries and return them along with the item. A fee will be imposed if batteries are lost. (To avoid damage to the toy, do not use alkaline or rechargeable batteries, or combine various types of batteries; any damage to the toy caused by non-compliance will be covered by the GlitterKing Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy.)
  1. Wear and tear under normal use is typical. If the toy is broken or lost due to misuse, you will be liable for the cost of the replacement part. If a single part is not available. If a single part cannot be acquired and the missing part is not usable, compensation will be computed in accordance with GlitterKing Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy.
  2. The “GlitterKing Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy” will apply if the toy is structurally or functionally damaged and cannot be restored or re-rented.
  3. If there are missing or damaged toys or other disputes, the non-disputed portion of the returned toy will be refunded within seven days of collection.The deposit for the disputed toy will be refunded in accordance with this Agreement and the applicable regulations. No new orders will be placed until the aforementioned issues are fixed.
  1. GlitterKing reserves the right to terminate this contract at any moment if a member breaches this contract or order materially, and GlitterKing reserves the right to commence all rentals.
  2. When GlitterKing alters the contract rights, it will notify the member through email. If the member continues to use the service after receiving the email, the user is deemed to have agreed to the new conditions.

Contamination, Damage and Loss Policy.




  Abnormally dirty toys caused by improper use (e.g. food stains, get mouldy, graffiti orstickers…) – but can be removed after cleaning or are not noticeable. If the appearance of the toy is not affected and it can still be rented

   A cleaning fee of $50 per item will be deducted from the deposit

  Toys that have lost or torn stickers that cannot be recovered, but are still available for hire in small areas

  Deposit will be deducted from the cost of $50 per location

  Toys that have been used improperly and have caused partial wear or paint loss (e.g. chewing marks, improper cleaning…) If the toy is not large enough to be rented out

   A deposit of 30% of the market value of the set will be deducted

  Toys that have been improperly used causing abnormal soiling (e.g. food stains, get mouldy, graffiti or stickers…) that cannot be removed after cleaning, but are still available for hire in a small area

  A deposit of 30% of the market value ofthe set will be deducted

Toys that have lost or damaged parts and cannot be rented out again

  1. Return of other accessories in goodworking order

  2. The deposit will be reduced by 10% ofthe unit price of the toy.

  Toys that are damaged or have serious external defects that make them impossible to rent (e.g. malfunctioning sound and light functions, large areas of graffiti that cannot be removed, mouldy wood, severely damaged or deformed paint, large chew marks…)

   The deposit will be reduced by 10% of theunit price of the toy.

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