Earth Action: Eliminate Plastic Produce Bags

Action: Eliminate Produce Bags Single-Use Plastic Unless this is your first time visiting Earth911, you probably know about the environmental damage caused by plastics at every stage of their lifecycle, especially when they break down into microplastics. It’s important for everyone to be working towards a post-plastic world to break free of plastic pollution. Eliminating your personal plastic usage […]


Hello there and welcome to GlitterKing blog!

What better way to start then to introduce you to us, the team, and our story?
So, who are we? Essentially, GlitterKing is an online shopping emporium that sells eco-friendly, natural products that are kind to the user and the environment. We’re focused on sustainability, minimal packaging and zero unnecessary plastic.

We’ve made every best effort to bring you, our lovely customers, the kindest products that are planet-friendly and crafted with only natural ingredients. From handmade wood toys to kitchenware made from recycled wood, every item in our store is hand selected and loved by us.

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