We are GlitterKing, based in Hong Kong, by the magnificent world we work so hard to conserve.

We believe the things we buy are important, so we provide a range of mindfully selected, eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable products, to help you make informed ethical purchases that protect our planet.

We are a company devoted to helping you to reduce the impact everyday living has on our formidable blue planet, and to leaving it a better place for future generations.

All of our products are plastic-free and, where there is a little plastic (like our sports bottle tops), it’s the BPA-free kind and kept to an absolute minimum.
Our products are all cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
Our packaging is always completely plastic-free, recycled materials.
We live and breathe sustainability – planet protection pulses through our veins. Far from just being ‘a shop’ we believe strongly in education as a solution to the climate emergency.

If there’s anything you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.
Creating a better Tomorrow, Today.


                                                                          Xavier Lai

                                                                               Founder, GLITTERKING


Since day one, our company ethos has always been about reducing waste and making the very best of Earth’s limited resources. This led us to set up GlitterKing as an emporium of eco-friendly products, with a focus on sustainability, minimal packaging and zero unnecessary plastic.

Every best effort has been made to ensure we bring you the kindest products that are eco-friendly and crafted with only natural wood. From toys to househole product, every item in our online shop is hand selected by us with our lovely customers in mind.

We believe that even small changes can make a huge difference. Helping our customers adapt into living an eco-conscious lifestyle is what its all about. Our mission is simple – we want to build a greener, kinder, planet and we’re here to make sustainable products accessible for all.

This means we only work with suppliers and brands who support the same green-ethos and goals as us. GlitterKing is proud to be cruelty-free company, our products are suitable for family, and we are against animal testing always. Each product we send out is hand packed with love! Only recyclable and plastic-free packing is used.

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